स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge

3rd Interactive Webinar on - स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge

20th November , 2020 15:00-16:10 PM in India

This Interactive Webinar, 3rd in the series of upcoming Webinars, will provide the recent updates, overview on Ideate Stage of Quarter Finals of the स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge and 1st virtual roadshow on National Incubation Facility extended to participants under the Challenge. Give your ideas a jump-start by developing innovative solutions around home-grown compute ecosystem and contribute towards the mission of #आत्मनिर्भर भारत of Government of India. For more details, please visit https://innovate.mygov.in/swadeshi-microprocessor-challenge/ or write to swadeshi[dot]processor[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in

Webinar is over, to view the recorded video of the webinar

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