Lentin Joseph

CEO/Founder of Qbotics Labs, Author of Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming & Learning Robotics using Python, MTech Student in Robotics and Automation from Amrita University


Lentin Joseph is an author, entrepreneur, electronics engineer, robotics enthusiast, machine vision expert, embedded programmer, and the founder and CEO of Qbotics Labs (http://www.qboticslabs.com) from India. He completed his bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering at the Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT), Kerala. For his final year engineering project, he made a social robot that can interact with people (http://www.technolabsz.com/2012/07/social-robot-my-final-year.html). The project was a huge success and was mentioned in many forms of visual and print media. The main features of this robot were that it can communicate with people and reply intelligently and has some image processing capabilities such as face, motion, and color detection. The entire project was implemented using the Python programming language. His interest in robotics, image processing, and Python started with that project. After his graduation, for 3 years he worked at a start-up company focusing on robotics and image processing. In the meantime, he learned famous robotic software platforms such as Robot Operating System (ROS), V-REP, Actin (a robotic simulation tool), and image processing libraries such as OpenCV, OpenNI, and PCL. He also knows about robot 3D designing and embedded programming on Arduino and Tiva Launchpad. After 3 years of work experience, he started a new company called Qbotics Labs, which mainly focuses on research to build up some great products in domains such as robotics and machine vision. He maintains a personal website (http://www.lentinjoseph.com) and a technology blog called technolabsz (http://www.technolabsz.com). He publishes his works on his tech blog. He was also a speaker at PyCon2013, India, on the topic Learning Robotics using Python. Lentin is the author of the books “Learning Robotics Using Python” (refer to http://learn-robotics.com to find out more) and Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming (refer to http://mastering-ros.com to find out more) by Packt Publishing. The first book was about building an autonomous mobile robot using ROS and OpenCV. This book was launched in ICRA 2015 and was featured in the ROS blog, Robohub, OpenCV, the Python website, and various other such forums. The second book is for mastering robot operating system, this was also launched ICRA 2016 and it is one of the best seller book in ROS. Lentin and his team was a winner of HRATC 2016 challenge conducted as a part of ICRA 2016 and he was also a finalist in the ICRA 2015 challenge, HRATC (http://www.icra2016.org/conference/challenges/). He is currently pursuing MTech in Robotics and Automation from Amrita University, Kollam.


Robotics Software development, Robot Operating System, Robotic Vision, Embedded System and Artificial Intelligence.