Sarath SM

Technical Officer, Maker Village , The Electronics Incubator in Kerala


Sarath.SM is an Electronics Engineer by profession and he holds his masters degree in Applied Electronics . He has around 8 years of Industrial and research experience. He currently serves as the Technical Officer of Maker Village, The Electronics Incubator in Kerala. He is also a Fab Academy graduate in Digital Fabrication and serves as the Associate for the Fab activities of Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala. Before Joining Maker Village Sarath worked as a Research Associate at IIITMK . He was instrumental in the development of IBM Swatchpaani project. Customized Drip Irrigation Solution for the Govt of Kerala’s Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation , which is deployed in the Trivandrum corporation area. He also worked on various research related activates of the IoT Lab in IIITMK. Before Joining the IIIT, he worked as Technical Development Engineer for TDM Company India Pvt Ltd. He was leading the hardware Integration team and developed custom embedded products and other tailor made solutions for various industrial applications. His areas of interest include custom embedded product development and the Internet of things.


Custom Embedded Product Design, IoT , Fablabber