Kochi Design Week 2018

Kochi Design Week will be India’s largest design festival where the think tanks and the decision makers will merge together to disrupt, imagine, ideate, innovate and design for a better tomorrow. Two days action-packed event (11th & 12th Dec), #DESIGN KERALA SUMMIT was a great platform for creative technology influencers, design thinkers, architects, and decision makers from India and across the world to participate in keynote sessions, panel discussions, interactive sessions, debates and dialogues centered around designing of a sustainable ecosystem for Kerala. Maker Village had a dedicated space for showcasing the startups.


Other Events

Spacetronics and Deftronics 2018,Bengaluru

18 Mar 2019

#Future Kerala

22 Mar 2018

Embedded and IoT roadshow.

09 Oct 2018

Exploring entrepreneurial frontiers in healthcare.

20 Jul 2018


10 Mar 2018

DOCTECH - Doctors in Conversation with Techies

11 Oct 2018

AI enabled Transformational Changes

13 Nov 2018

Techday- Simulation driven Innovation by Altair

26 Apr 2018

The AlphaLab Gear National Hardware Cup

27 Mar 2017

Blockathon for Change

23 Dec 2017

Interface Tathwa

15 Oct 2017